How online casinos are regulated in different countries around the world

The state of legal online casinos all across the world is rapidly evolving, with European Union countries accounting for nearly half of the social and betting casino market. In this article, we delve into the current situation of legal online casinos in various European nations, including the regulatory frameworks, key responsibilities of gambling commissions, and the impact of taxation on the industry. Additionally, we will explore specific examples from the UK, Malta, and the USA, highlighting how each country manages online gambling. Finally, we will discuss how these regulations affect players and the overall market dynamics.

Current Situation of Legal Online Casinos in EUROPE

According to the latest data, European Union countries account for almost half of the social and betting casino market. Despite strict regulations and annual increases in limits on the operation of licensed sports betting sites, players in more than 25 EU countries have access to quality online casino sites and responsible gambling. Capitalizing on the high demand for online slots and betting among Europeans, state fiscal agencies are boosting the tax level and taking the opportunity to maximize the benefits of legal online casino operations for residents. For those looking to maximize their gaming experience and find the best bonuses, offers a comprehensive guide to the EU approved online casinos with top promotions

United Kingdom

Although we all know the UK as a country with a long tradition of classic gambling, key innovations in the regulation of online casino games were only adopted by London in the early 2000s. The activities of the UK Gambling Commission are fully based on the provisions of the Gambling Act.

The regulatory body has Key Responsibilities:

  • licensing of online gambling legal sites and apps;
  • full inspection of financial transactions;
  • preventing and imposition of fines on violators of responsible gambling tools.

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The legal system for regulating the operation of online gambling sites has been in place in the small island country since 2004. Clear regulations for remote gambling and low taxes for casino companies and online sports betting agencies have been the main reasons for Malta’s rapid growth as a major European gambling hub. The Malta Gaming Authority provides licenses for many of Europe’s popular online casinos and gaming startups.

Specifics of online gambling regulation:

  • Mandatory Seal of Approval for each certified operator
  • 4 Levels of licensing classes for internet gaming companies with different tax rates
  • Programs to prevent offshore casinos and financial scams


Scandinavia is one of the most innovative regions in issues of gaming enforcement and responsible online gambling. Sweden has passed a New Gambling Act and Gambling Tax Act 2019, which ensures online gambling is safe for residents and gives a more specific definition of financial returns.

Important points of the new way of regulating online gambling:

  • 3 sectors: online casino gambling and betting, social and sweepstakes casinos, and government reserve
  • 5 years of licensing period
  • 18% tax on winnings for players

Largest Online Casino Gambling Market in NORTH AMERICA

The world’s leading countries, located on the continent, have not only one of the most legendary histories of gambling but also a very developed system of control and supervision of this business area. Besides the popular land casinos of Las Vegas and Montreal, there are many online casinos and betting companies available to play at. Legal online casino games are one of the most important revenue state streams, so they receive special attention concerning regulation and control.

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United States

On the territory of the United States at the beginning of 2024, more than 1000 casinos were licensed. Their activities are controlled at two levels: federal and regional. According to the general laws Interstate Wire Act and Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the basic rules and conditions are defined. Other decisions and online gambling site licensing are handled by State-by-state regulation.

The updated status of USA online casinos:

  • 18 states fully authorize online casino gambling and betting
  • 2 states have completely banned casino activities
  • Privileges to “Indian casinos”, which are predominant in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, etc.


The Canadian government’s position on virtual gambling is very progressive but also includes some specific restrictions. For more than 30 years, the right to regulate the conditions for gambling has been delegated to the provinces. During this time, the Canadian Games Commission supervises the regional boards.

Differences in the regulation of Internet Gambling in 13 Canadian provinces:

  • In Alberta and Manitoba it is legal for anyone over the age of 18 to play at online casinos, while in the rest of the territory, the age limit has been raised to 19.
  • In British Columbia and some other provinces, virtual gambling is legal only on the official website of the Lottery Corporation.
  • In Yukon, only non-commercial casinos have legal status.

Rapid Growth in the Popularity of Online Gambling in ASIA

While researching the Analysis of Asian Gambling Market Share, we have identified a major trend of significantly increasing demand for casino apps, online slots, and sports betting in this region. Considering the large number of residents of Asian countries, gambling operators notice great prospects in the activities in this territory. However, the difficulty is that the field of online gaming regulation is still too intransparent and complex.

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Macau is rightly considered the Gaming Capital of Asia. Here the gambling business has been successful for many years. The government is making big efforts to establish regulatory bodies to control the activities of casinos. But so far the laws apply only to land-based casinos, while online gambling is still in the shadows.


The country that receives the highest income from tax revenues and contributions from the gambling industry. The Philippines is divided into two gambling zones: Manila and Cagayan.

Key monitoring authorities:

  • Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) manages the gambling legal field on behalf of the government.
  • Philippine Charity Lottery Office (PCSO) conducts lotteries for social purposes.

AUSTRALIA: Way to the Responsible Gambling

Not many people know, but gambling in Australia is extremely popular. According to statistics, 4 out of 5 residents of the far continent at least once dealt with online casino games or betting. Given this fact, the government of the country in 2001 already adopted a basic Interactive Gambling Act. Taking into account all general rules, the state gambling regulators are responsible for licensing and full monitoring of gambling operators.

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Availability of I-Gambling in LATIN AMERICA

In recent years, the amount of business investment in gambling companies in Latin America has increased significantly. This is due to the establishment of regulatory mechanisms that allow to obtain legal profits and remove online casino games from the offshore market and problem gambling. According to forecasts, the size of the casino market in Latin America will grow by another third because of online gambling and mobile applications with slots and betting.


The Brazilian government started the process of legalizing online gambling as early as 2018. Since then, it has become legal to play online slots and online poker on the territory of the country. But in 2023, a landmark event took place in Brazil’s online gambling industry. A new Law Regulating Online Sports Betting was drafted and adopted.

The basic changes that went into action were:

  • Establishment of the National Secretariat for Gaming and Betting (SNJA).
  • Taxes are 18% on operator income and 30% on player winnings.
  • Restrictions on Advertising of betting agencies and online casinos.


At the end of 2023, the Mexican government introduced changes to the Federal Law on Gambling and Sweepstakes. According to them, gambling with slot machines will be prohibited for 15 years. We can confirm that the era of traditional casinos in Mexico has come to an end. They have been replaced by online gambling legal portals and social casinos, which can still get an official license from the Bureau of Gambling and Lotteries (DGJS).

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The world leaders of the gambling industry offer players a wide range of entertainment. According to our review, you can make sure that legal games are available in almost any part of the Earth. All players need to realize that using legal online gambling tools preserves their legitimate rights, and privacy, and protects their financial transactions. The growth of regulatory Acts and governmental support will hopefully secure the safety of every player’s rights and guarantee premiums.