Popular CSGO Stickers Ranked Cheap to Most Expensive!

Stickers are an easy way of adding the personal touch of your in-game characters and weapons. Most Counter-Strike players should have a respectable stock of stickers in their inventory, with new updates and associated capsule collections offering a huge range of affordable aesthetic upgrades. However, sometimes these collections can pass players by. Below, we explore five of the most popular CS:GO stickers currently in circulation, along with some price guides to ensure you’re not spending over the odds. 

  1. Great Wave 

The Great Wave foil sticker is a fairly new arrival, so it’s no surprise it’s one of the most affordable options on the market. Unveiled in September 2021, the Great Wave foil sticker was released to commemorate CS:GO’s Operation Riptide event. Although fairly common, this sticker is proving incredibly popular with fans. If you’re looking to pick it up secondhand, don’t expect to pay any more than $1.00 for the privilege. However, don’t expect this one to accrue too much value anytime soon. 

  1. Gold Web

Released alongside CS:GO’sOperation Shattered Web update, the Gold Web foil sticker is one of the more visually arresting upgrades currently available. Since 2019, this sticker has remained a favorite with fans, although it’s fairly common with a ‘High Grade’ rarity rating. It’s also fairly affordable at many online marketplaces. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t find yourself shelling out any more than $1.40 for one of these classic stickers. 

  1. Incineration 

With its striking skull face and fiery frame, the Incineration sticker is one upgrade worth seeking out. Released in 2019 as part of the Secret Agent Man update, this sticker has remained a firm favorite with the Global Offensive community. If your someone who likes to watch CSGO live, there’s a good chance you’ve seen more than one pro player sporting one of these stickers on their arsenal, with Global Offensive legends like OG’s nexa being a particular fan. As of 2022, the Incineration sticker can be picked up for as little as $2.20. 

  1. Ace Devil 

If you’re looking for something affordable, the Ace Devil foil sticker is a good choice. This eye-catching sticker will add plenty of character to any weapon in your inventory. If you’re looking for a grittier aesthetic, you can also scrape it to make sure it’s more in keeping with the rest of your arsenal. This sticker falls into the ‘Exotic’ rarity class and can be added to your inventory by opening a 2021 Community Sticker Capsule. If you’d rather pick one up on the trading market, you should be able to add one to your collection for around $3.00. 

  1. Longevity (Foil Sticker) 

Released in 2017 to commemorate CS:GO’s “China, are you ready?” update, the Longevity sticker is one worth investing in if you’re after something with a bit of history attached. This sticker can be obtained in-game by opening a Perfect World 2 capsule but does not come bundled into any collections. Although this sticker is several years old, it remains popular. It’s still fairly common, bearing a ‘High Grade’ rarity. However, its advancing age means it carries a fair bit of value. Currently, a Longevity sticker will set you back around $6.50 if purchased via an online marketplace.