Top Online Slots Based On Video Games

Such is the power of video games that other industries borrow from its titles as they know the universal appeal. This is particularly true of the online casino industry as a shedload of video slots pay homage to popular video games and franchises. Some are straight-up collaborations with video game titles while others are clearly based on them. 

We thought it would be fun to look at some of these collaborations and blatant homages to see which video games are the most replicable across the online casino landscape. You will find many of the games on this list at non GamStop casinos with no deposit bonus offers, so you can try them for free! 

Lara Jones is Cleopatra

It won’t take a genius to figure out what game or character this slot is based on! The name is a dead giveaway, but Lara Jones is Lara Croft. Everything about this video slot screams “Tomb Raider”. Its design focuses on Ancient Egypt and tombs while Lara Jones herself dresses very similarly to Miss Croft.

Honestly, we could pick a handful of games that pay homage to Tomb Raider as it’s such a popular franchise and the aesthetic is perfect for online slots. Lara Jones is Cleopatra is probably the most blatant copy, so it makes our list! 

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Who can forget the iconic button-mashing fighting series Street Fighter? Along with Tekken and Mortal Kombat, it’s one of the biggest fighting franchises of all time. People love the games, so it’s only natural to turn it into a slot. 

What’s really impressive about this is that it turns the concept of video slots on its head. Rather than giving a classic slot experience with some Street Fighter graphics and sounds, it genuinely lets you pick your fighters. Bonus rounds also include “fights” and if your character wins, you get a bigger payout. 

Resident Evil

Known by many gamers as the franchise that showed horror games can be good, Resident Evil holds a special place in many hearts. A long line of video games is available with loads of jumpscares for you to watch out for. Or, you could play the Resident Evil online slot, which takes the game’s horror elements and turns them into a fantastic slot machine. 

This game features symbols taken directly from the game and has the iconic soundtrack in the background. All the noises and sound effects are from the video games too, so it provides a genuinely immersive experience. There aren’t many horror-themed slots around, so that makes this option even more unique. 

Tetris Super Jackpots

It’s impossible not to enjoy a game of Tetris now and then. For us, it’s the ultimate game to quench your boredom. When you need to kill ten minutes or you’re waiting for dinner to cook, a quick game of Tetris is all you require. It’s easy to play and the puzzle element adds some strategy that’s so addictive. 

So, it’s even cooler now that the classic puzzle game has been made into an online video slot. Tetris Super Jackpots works like other slots where you spin some reels and hope your symbols match. The trick with this one is that Tetris pieces fall at random to reveal other symbols. It boosts your chances of winning while paying homage to such a titanic video game. 

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Almost everyone will have COD4 as one of the best FPS video games of all time. When this game launched on PS3 and Xbox, it took the world by storm. Call of Duty hasn’t done a better single-player campaign since – and plenty of fans also believe that this is when FPS gameplay peaked. There was a balance to COD4 that few games could match; it had a high skill ceiling yet left plenty of room for fun. 

The original COD4 servers shut down years ago and the remastered version was okay at best. However, the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare slot carried on this game’s legacy in a new format! The moment you hit the button to spin the reels you’ll be transported back to the thick of the action. All the symbols look like perks from the game and it has some of the in-game sound effects to make you feel right at home. 
We love it when other industries pay homage to video games. Some don’t do it that well all the time – we’re looking at you Hollywood – but online casinos do a great job of taking things we all know and love, and then giving them a new spin!