Gaming for Non-Gamers: Tips for Joining the Community

Since the 70s, video games have exploded in popularity with no end in sight. As millions of people around the world enjoy video games, what’s keeping you from being one of them? If you’ve never picked up a video game before, it can be intimidating to pick it up and know where to start. Luckily, there is plenty of information online for virtually any game, allowing you to pick up tips and find a game to start up with. If you’re new to the world of video games, in this article, you’ll find some tips on immersing yourself into the community, including games to start with, tips for picking the right platform, and equipment to invest in. Let’s get started. 

Start easy

There are tons of video games on the market, all with varying levels of difficulty. If you haven’t already picked up a video game, starting with simpler games can prevent you from quitting before getting started. Without picking an easy game to start with, you may quickly burn out and quit because of frustration. Many video games allow players to select their level of difficulty, giving new gamers a good place to start. 

However, there are tons of games that are friendly to new gamers. These games include Mario Kart, Overcooked, The Sims, and more. These games don’t put pressure on gamers with lower skill levels, allowing anyone of any experience level to enjoy. 

Find a game you enjoy

When picking up a new hobby like gaming, it’s crucial to select the proper games for your experience level and learn about the types of games you enjoy. Gaming can be a powerful tool in promoting your overall well-being, and many doctors and life coaches preach the benefits of taking part in this activity. Gaming systems like VR and racing simulators are used in physical therapy to improve motor functioning in patients. 

Lucky for you, gaming is an easy hobby to pick up- and enjoy due to the endless amount of games out there. Consider your interests and find a game relevant to your interests. For example, if you’re interested in playing with friends, find a couch player or online game allowing you to play with multiple players. If you’re creative, some games allow you to customize your in-game world, like Minecraft or Animal Crossing. These games are especially great for cozy gamers who don’t like shooting games. If getting enemies down and battling monsters sounds like you’re thing, try out Call of Duty or The Witcher. 

No matter where your interests lie, you can find a video game you enjoy playing. 

Pick your platform

To pick up a new video game, you need a system to power it. There are many gaming systems ranging in price and offering different features and games. Some gaming platforms include Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, VR, and desktop. If you haven’t already picked up gaming, it may be more convenient to opt for your computer, since you likely have one on hand. However, should you decide to invest in one of the many gaming systems out there, it’s vital to do your research and pick wisely. Many games aren’t cross-platform meaning, multiplier games cannot be played online between a Playstation and Nintendo Switch for example. So if you plan on playing online with friends, it’s best to get the same gaming system as them. 

Additionally, each gaming platform offers different features and games. For example, Xbox and PlayStation tend to be for more serious gamers, although anyone can appreciate them. However, if you’re using gaming to relax, you might find a Nintendo Switch to be more your speed as their games tend to be less challenging and geared toward younger audiences. 

Invest in equipment

Alongside your gaming system, you’ll also need to invest in other equipment. If you purchase a gaming system, it will likely come with a basic controller. Depending on the games you want to play, you may benefit from investing in a pro controller or more advanced controllers. For example, the Nintendo Switch includes two basic controllers attached to each side of the system. These controllers are sufficient for games like Super Smash Brothers, however, you may struggle to play more advanced games like The Legend of Zelda. 

If you plan on playing games with friends, you’ll want to invest in a quality gaming headset. Gaming headsets include headphones and a microphone, allowing you to hear and communicate with other players easily. A solid pair of headphones also goes a long way in immersing you into an in-game world. 

Join friends

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All things are more fun when shared with friends. If you’re new to gaming, joining friends in the games they play makes them more enjoyable. Other gamers can also help you in building your skill and adapt to new video games.

Experienced gamers have their own tips and tricks to share and you’ll have the opportunity to make lots of new friends online. So don’t be afraid to join an online party and meet new people in your favorite online games. 

Find your community 

Starting a new hobby is intimidating, no matter what it is. However, with any new hobby, people are always willing to help others, especially beginners. One of the best things about gaming is the communities they bring together. You can find communities dedicated to your favorite games, or even communities centered around live sports betting, where information, tips, and updates are shared. You can also virtually look up any game online and find an article or video walkthrough to help you get through challenging levels. These resources can help you avoid getting burnt out on a game or feeling frustrated.

Remember to enjoy

With video games, what matters most is that you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t get so caught up in beating a level or challenging yourself so much that you forget to enjoy it. Video games are a powerful resource helping you relax, immerse yourself in another world, and meet new people. Whether you’re planning on picking up video games for the first time or are trying to rediscover the joys video gaming can bring, it’s supposed to be fun. If you feel yourself getting frustrated or losing motivation, pace yourself. Video games will always be there and with new games coming out every year, it’s impossible to not find something you can enjoy at your own skill level.


Megan Isola

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Megan Isola holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and a minor in Business Marketing from Cal State University Chico. She enjoys going to concerts, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with friends.