Is it Possible to Make Money with eSports Betting?

Nothing much had changed when it comes to the world of sports betting for several years. Whether you picked a fighter, a horse, or a team, you had to sit back with the expectation that the choice that you made was going to win. This had been the same irrespective of whether it was betting at a local bookmaker store or a race-track.

Nevertheless, with the advent of the internet in the middle of 1990 thing took a turn. Sports betting has changed to such a degree that it is hardly recognizable from what it used to be before. As a matter of fact, the internet has altered the way in which sports changed. It is going to take you by surprise for sure.

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Sports Betting Alternatives

The primary effect of the internet of sports gambling is the manner in which it has augments the options for the people who bet. Rather than having only a handful of options at hand, sports gambling can be done 24/7. The best part about this that you will be able to bet through smartphones. Hence, the location doesn’t have any restriction on betting.

Gamblers have the option to watch live match streaming while they take place. The phenomenon of in-play bet is going to stick around for a long period of time. Other than enabling various ways to bet on conventional sports, a whole new branch of sports has come into being that is eSports betting.

The Increase in the Popularity of eSports

ESports is actually the world of video gaming where competitions take place. Competing over the video isn’t anything new. The first organized and recorded competition of video game took place in 1972. This was when the students from Stanford had competed for achieving the best score on the game Spacewars.

In the year 1980, the first Space Invader tournament had been organized, and more than 10,000 entrants took part in it. With the arrival of the internet, online competition over video games became possible. As a matter of fact, the quality of games also improved.

About 2000 eSports are gaining popularity over time and is offering bigger prize money. At present, the annual prize that is given out to the winner is worth millions of dollars. It includes games such as CS:GO, League of the Legends and Dota offering the competitors with the best.

The Craze around Sports Betting

ESports is now recognized as an international sport. In fact, talks have been doing the round that it is going to be introduced as a demonstration of sports in the Paris Olympics of 2024. With the growth of sports, the market for eSports gambling has also increased. Once it is established as a niche, all well-known bookmakers are going to have a section dedicated to it. Even though there are sites which are dedicated just to betting on eSports, traditional bookies are also getting on with this act.

In case you know about sports and follow it regularly then you are will have a good chance to make some good amount of money from betting sports. The in-depth knowledge that you have will enable you to take advantage of the sites related to sports betting that are still in the process of coming to terms with the new events.

Types of eSports Bets

There are different kinds of eSports gambling available to you. Among these, the most straightforward options are just choosing a winner either of the whole competition or one match.

Counter-Strike: With Global Offensive, you will be able to place bets on the winners of each and every map inside the game. In this game, you will also be able to bet on the first kill. Albeit, it might be difficult to predict the accuracy, it is a good one. Another bet is on the options of even or odds which is available at some of the bookmakers. In this case, you will have to predict if it is going to be an even or odd number game. Fans of conventional sports are going to be aware of under or over bets and with eSports, you will have to predict if the score is going to be under or over a specific amount.