How the Release of Retro Consoles Affects the Gaming Industry

Instead of coming up with brand new ideas, game developers can call on previous classics to win over gamers. Remastering or re-releasing the best games from a decade gone by is an almost sure way to earn a good reception. Whether it be nostalgia or something else, a little blue hedgehog seeking golden rings or an Italian plumber riding a dinosaur can be a guaranteed victory for developers with the rights.

snes classic

Retro games are not just popular with video game players either. Online casinos still offer those old fruit-based and elementary slot games to customers who prefer easier gaming without having to think too much. Land-based casinos don’t have the option of catering to everyone’s tastes because they have to calculate profit margins against floor space, often leaving older slots like “fruities” in storage for newer video slots. Online casinos can host both without having to worry about space. Take a look at the games at Royal Vegas Casino for a great example of varied slots, young and old.

But it is not just old slots and retro games that are storming back in fashion – so are retro games consoles. These consoles have been re-released to enable gamers to go back to their childhood gaming roots and rediscover their favourite characters.

How Has Retro Consoles Affected the Gaming Industry?

People have, on the whole, been interested in re-released retro consoles. They have bought into them and started using them as their main gaming platform. The reason for this is all to do with timing. Those that thought retro consoles would not be well-received did not account for the competition. Both the Xbox One and PS4 are nearing the end of their tenure at the top as developers are looking at the next generation – and the next big console. Retro consoles become a safe haven while everyone anticipates the next move in the industry.

But that’s not all. Just like old games have been remade for new consoles, there has also been a trend in new games being created for these older consoles that are re-released. This has brought a new genre of gaming to a modern world and has contributed to the industry to some effect. One example is a game called Gunlord that was made for the Dreamcast in 2012. Considering then that the Dreamcast was discontinued in 2001, this may seem like a strange move. However, anyone who can get their hands on a Dreamcast today thanks to re-releases – or from their attic – will be able to buy more games for it. This may be a quirky subculture of gaming, but it all contributes to a better industry.

Will They Always Be Cool?

Some will argue that as we move closer to the possibility of virtual reality gaming, the desire to play any console that came before will decrease. However, one of the things that has made the retro game console come back in fashion is its uniqueness – and that is only going to intensify.

In a decade from now when we are sat back playing VR games with our headset on, the idea of a Playstation 4 may be just as exciting to those youngsters reading this today. So yes, retro consoles will always be cool, they just might only be appreciated by a certain group who used them in their own childhood.