Catching up With Arcen Games and AI Wars Part 2

The conclusion to our super-sized cast with Arcen Games’ Chris Park. We focused on the kickstarter for AI Wars 2.


In this part, Chris talked about building a sequel to their best-selling strategy game. How they’re taking what they’ve learned with recent games to help improve upon the game by making it more accessible, but not dumbing it down.

We talked about going onto Kickstarter and the plans if they hit their funding. Be sure to listen to part 1 of the cast for our talk on the game industry and catching up about Arcen Games.

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  • Andrii Vintsevych

    Witness had a 10+ people team and it was pretty expensive.

  • Great episode. I have most of Arcen Games games and Chris is one of my favorite game developers. I listen to every interview of him and he is such a well-spoken, nice guy, who has his feet securely planted on the ground. And I bet he is a great boss. He is also one of those guys who make me feel like I’d like to be him. It be a great improvement.