The Perceptive Podcast Bonus Teaser and F2P Discussion

You’re calendar isn’t wrong, it’s Monday and we have a cast up. One of the goals of the Patreon campaign is to afford us the option to do double casts each week, and I wanted to create a teaser/advertisement for everyone.


We started off with a state of the site situation, and talking about the Patreon campaign and why we need the funding. Hitting the first goal is of real importance to maintaining things and my livelyhood; everything else will make things better for me and in return, better for you. If you’ve been enjoying the cast and content here on the site, please consider donating; every donation no matter how small will help. Any help with spreading the word would also be great.

After that, we talked about the topic of games going to F2P and what happened with Evolve and the troubles it had. James and I talked about why the game didn’t work out so well compared to other massive games like Overwatch. We also talked about how the consumer responds to these changes and what they like or don’t like. James had some issues with is computer during the cast which caused some reverbing to happen unfortunately.

If you also want to get your hands on a digital CD of this month’s cast, you can find that also on the patreon campaign site. If we hit enough to get double casts each week, they would also be featured on the digital CD as well.