Catching up with Harebrained Schemes and Necropolis

This week on the cast, Mitch Gitelman from Harebrained Schemes returned to the cast to catch up and talk about the studio’s next title and first rogue-like inspired game: Necropolis.

harebrained schemes

We started off talking about what’s been going on at Harebrained Schemes since our last cast; how Battletech is going and a brief talk about the extended edition of Shadowrun: Hong Kong which should be out by the time you hear this cast.

From there, we discussed their next game Necropolis, which will be an action-focused title with a similar design-sense of roguelikes and the skill gameplay of Demon’s Souls. While Mitch couldn’t talk a lot about the specifics, we did talk about the focus of skill, basic gameplay and design, and I tried to get some tidbits out of him. We also talked more about working on different game designs and getting out of your comfort zone to create ideas that you would have never thought of otherwise.

Unfortunately he was very busy with working on multiple titles and we had to keep the cast short. One day, I would love to have that conversation with him about working on Xbox Live.