How to Keep the Hype Train on Track

This week on the cast, I welcomed the owner of Gotaki Gaming Nathan McGreal for a great cast talking about the pros and cons of hype, and how it rose and arguably sunk No Man’s Sky.


We started off with talking about Gotaki Gaming and how Nathan and I are of similar opinions about unique content regarding game design and the industry. Then we jumped into No Man’s Sky and talking about what happened to the game and its perception. The marketing campaign for the game was insane, and we talked about some of the red flags we saw with it.

As a tangent, we talked about other survival games on the market like We Happy Few and Subnautica and how they’re balancing what’s in the game with what they’re promising down the line. Understanding what to say is very important when talking about scope and promises.

The issue of pricing came up and how it’s getting harder to show the value of $60 games. With No Man’s Sky, we talked about how pricing it that high for what’s there was part of the problem. However, how can you tell how much your game is actually worth?

This was one of those casts where we could have jumped off onto any number of topics, and I’m sure Nathan and I will be talking frequently in the future.

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