Perceptive Podcast — Space Case

This week Ken and I were joined by new guest and owner of — Brian Rubin for a very long chat about Star Citizen and what’s been going on lately in the Game Industry.

perceptive podcast

We started off with introductions as Brian talked about his site and what he likes about the space genre and how he is a fan of crowd-funding and kickstarter. After that we got into game news where I talked about both the Hatred reveal and the Paranautical Activity developers. Brian brought up the recent kickstarter failure of Uber’s next game Human Resources which led into a discussion on early access games.

After that we talked about some of the games we’ve been playing such as Invisible Inc and Payday 2 for me. Brian talked about how much he’s enjoying the roguelike genre and Ken talked about the first episode of the The Longest Journey sequel: Dreamfall Chapters that just came out.

Finally our big topic was on the insanity that is Star Citizen: why it’s so popular, the crazy amount of funding its received along with how much Brian has donated to it and more. This was very interesting for me as I’m not a huge space game fan and talking to Brian about what made him, his friends and fellow fans donate huge amounts of money shows the game in a different light.

While Brian is optimistic about it, he’s also concerned like a lot of us are that the amount of stretch goals may become a problem in terms of development. But with that said, the amount of lore and sheer scope of the game is very impressive and as we said on the cast, it will either be a massive success or a huge failure.

And while we don’t have an age limit for this podcast, as it turns out Brian is not a fan of games that don’t have the option to save and you may not want to listen to this one with small kids around.

  • Here is Brian’s site where you can find his posts, podcasts and video analysis of all things space related
  • The Star Citizen site where you can check out this monster of a game yourself