The Lukewarm PS4 Launch Podcast

After being unable to secure a guest this week, Ken and I were planning on talking about the PS4 launch. Unfortunately as it turned out, neither of us really cared that the Ps4 was released.


Instead, we talked about a variety of topics, including why this console generation has been boring us lately. We also spent some time focusing on Nintendo and the problems they’re having with the Wii U.

We talked about more kickstarters that Ken was interested in including a 3D printer that can print circuit boards. I also gave the bad news that Medieval Mayor from Tilted Mill has been put on indefinite hold. Also about games, I expressed my frustration with XCom: Enemy Within and a brief talk about my time with Double Fine’s next game: Space Base DF-9.

As for tangents this week, we had a few, including my attempt at getting Ken to watch Doctor Who in time for the 50 anniversary special next week.

In other news, for once on these podcasts, I had no audio issues whatsoever on my side but Ken was having some problems and we had some distortion here and there.