Roach Interactive and the Uphill Battle for Mobile Games

This week on the cast, I spoke with owner of Roach Interactive Rahul Sehgal about his upcoming game Bird of Light, and the walls he ran into with trying to get it released on the mobile market. I introduced a new tagline for the site.

Roach Interactive

We started off with talking about Rahul’s background in game development; since he was my first guest I spoke to from India, I asked him about the game development scene there. After that, we talked about Bird of Light and what made it different from other mobile games and why Rahul was so passionate about it.

Our big topic was talking about the problems he had with getting the game on mobile and what led to him switching to Steam first and PC development. This was a fascinating topic talking about the problems with the mobile market and how cynical it has become; something everyone needs to listen to who are thinking about trying to break in.

I’m also going to have Rahul back on in an upcoming cast to talk about his thoughts from the inside of the slot machine industry.

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