Discussing Indie Game Development with Robot Loves Kitty

This week Ken and I spoke with Alix Stolzer, co-founder of the company Robot Loves Kitty to discuss their time as an Indie studio and talking about one of the most ambitious titles we’ve heard yet.

Robot Loves Kitty

We started off with talking about the studio itself and their recent game: Legend of Dungeon. We went over the challenges and work that goes into making aesthetically pleasing games and what that means with high quality pixel art. We also discussed their challenges of keeping the studio up while they lived in a tree house for several years and her thoughts on kickstarter and early access.

We also had a great discussion on the challenges of video game pricing both on the mobile and PC markets and how they are opposite in terms of price perception and the impact on a game. Ken had some questions for Alix about her thoughts on the rift and VR and what they mean for the future.

Finally we came to their next project: Upsilon Circuit which is going to combine a game show atmosphere with an ARPG. From talking to Alix, it sounds very ambitious and if they can pull it off, it could be a big winner for 2015. It’s a shame that she couldn’t talk more about it, but that is because part of the game is the mystery of playing.