An Updated Look at Buluk Mayan Warfare

This week on the cast, I spoke with returning guest Traevon Taylor on the work that’s going into Buluk Mayan Warfare and a talk about managing a game project.

Buluk Mayan Warfare

We started off recapping what Buluk is and talking about the work Traevon and his team have done with the game. We talked about how things have changed in terms of combat and figuring out more of the layers of the game.

From there, we talked about Traevon’s thoughts and plans for¬†the kickstarter of Buluk. We discussed why he decided to delay the kickstarter and the work he’s doing in preparation for it.

After that, we talked about some of the challenges of managing an indie studio. Traevon shared his thoughts on some of the troubles he’s seen from indie development, and what he’s trying to do to avoid them.