Published Works

After spending several year writing on my previous blog,  I started to work on larger articles, focused on high level design concepts. These articles eventually led to me becoming published over at Gamasutra.

As more of my works are published, I’ll be updating this page with any new articles.

My First Book  20 Essential Games to Study

20 Essential Games to Study

My Second Book: Game Design Deep Dive: Platformers

deep design dive plat

My Third Book: Game Design Deep Dive Roguelikes

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Game Design Deep Dive F2P


Game Design Deep Dive: Trading and Collectible Card Games

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Live Presentations

I’ve also been doing presentations live for teens and parents to teach them about the game industry. From time to time, I post some of the recorded videos online for people to watch. If you’re interested in me doing a presentation virtually or in-person, please email me.

The Reality of Oasis

Super Jump Magazine








  1. The Critical Core Gameplay Loop
  2. Game Design Lessons From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 
  3. Are Games Ready For Sex?
  4. The Reality of Game Design
  5. Accessible vs. Playable 



Videogame Preservation is and will always be a “Now” Problem

SF Signal

1. 20 Years of Terror: Reminiscing about Resident Evil


  1. Dungeon Crawling is Fun Again: Etrian Odyssey
  2. Darker and Deeper: Darkest Dungeon Update
  3. Shin Megami Tensei and a Different Take on JRPGs (Part 1)
  4. The Retold Story of Etrian Odyssey Untold
  5. Diablo 3: Fourth(Season)’s the Charm
  6. Legend of Legacy Laborious


  1. The Abstraction Of Skill In Game Design
  2. Darwinian Difficulty: How Throwing Players In Headfirst Can Work
  3. The Anatomy of a Bad Game
  4. Examining Subjective Difficulty: How Plumbers Can Fight Demons
  5. The Procession of Progression In Game Design (this was a feature that due to scheduling issues was posted as a blog)

Quarter to Three Gaming

Series 1: Five Rpgs That Break the Rules

  1. Nocturne
  2. Resonance of Fate
  3. Etrian Odyssey 3
  4. Demon’s Souls
  5. The World Ends With You

Series 2: A Trip Down Horror Lane

  1. SplatterHouse
  2. Resident Evil
  3. Silent Hill
  4. Clive Barker’s Undying
  5. Amnesia: The Dark Decent 
  6. Condemned: Criminal Origins
  7. Fatal Frame 3