The Game-Wisdom 2019 GOTY Awards Landing Page

It’s that time once again to begin trying to figure out my favorite games of the year. This year is going to be different, as I’ve played so many games that trying to figure out my #1 game was very hard. But I’m getting a head of myself, as it’s time for the preshow.

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The Rules:

As always, the Game-Wisdom awards are 100% rigged — only games I’ve played this year will count for the list.

Due to the number of games played, there were so many that the 11th place award isn’t applicable, so there will be a second page detailing all the games that were just shy of making the list. For now, here’s the special awards.

Late to the Party Award: Monster Hunter World

To think a Monster Hunter game would come back to the consoles, and be this good was a surprise to the outside world. Monster Hunter World seems to be part of Capcom’s new remake mandate to take all their classic series and make them great again. While it may still be a handle for new players, MHW is the most accessible and playable take on the franchise and has me itching to play Iceborne when it comes to the PC.

Could Have Been a Contender Award – Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem has been growing in popularity this decade as the series embraced its more soap opera aspects. With Three Houses, this was the series’ return to the consoles and has been almost universally loved. However, I didn’t get a chance to play it, and I’m not willing to pay full price on a game that I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy it or not.

Most Disappointing Award – Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and The Legend of Bumbo

Oh boy, I’m sure this is going to be the most read part of this entry. Two games from studios who I’ve loved their works in the past made the list this year.

Sekiro to me went in the wrong direction to make the souls-like playable. Removing choice, diversity in combat, and arguably world building and level design, in favor of a game that just railroads the player into its system. I’ve heard way too many times of people quitting the game at certain difficulty spikes, and even after mastering the system, it still didn’t feel that great to play.

For Bumbo, this is a case of a game that just doesn’t work for my own sense of play at all. I’m not a fan of the puzzles and dragon formula, and it stretches out combat without adding depth far too much for my taste. And the initial launch was met with a lot of quality of life issues that are just an example of how you shouldn’t release your game.

While Sekiro is done, Bumbo is still getting updates, and there may come a point when it is improved enough for me.

Most Anticipated Games: Phoenix Point and Hell Sign

I’m sure you’re wondering why a game that came out in 2019 is on the most anticipated list for 2020. Phoenix Point has a solid foundation to it, but it’s missing major systems and bug improvements now to make me want to play it right now. With the roadmap by the developers, it looks like major things are happening.

For Hell Sign, this is essentially Monster Hunter, by way of Ghostbusters. The game shows a lot of potential, and now we’re left to see if the developers are able to expand on the gameplay loop.

The “No Way It’s Getting an Award” Award: Death Stranding and Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The only way I’m going to be playing Death Stranding is if it goes down to $20 or less or someone decides to gift it to me, as there is no way I’m going to be investing money into a game that people can’t even decide if it’s a game and whether or not you should keep playing until it gets good. Likewise, I haven’t bought a Call of Duty *insert subtitle here* in more than a decade, and I’m not starting now.

Tomorrow, we’ll be talking about my favorite games that just didn’t make the cut for the top ten this year, and then we’ll get to the countdown.


#10 They are Billions

#9 The Eternal Castle

#8 Oxygen Not Included

#7 Forager

#6 World War Z

#5 Remnant From the Ashes

#4 Blasphemous 

#3 Vision Soft Reset

#2 Resident Evil 2

#1 Slay the Spire

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