Game-Wisdom’s Best of 2017 Awards — The Pre Show

It’s that time again boys and girls: The GOTY award show on Game-Wisdom. And as always, we begin with my random set of awards.


For those Just Joining Us:

As always, the rules are simple. The Game-Wisdom award show is completely rigged. Only games that I’ve played in the year are eligible for winning awards. DLC (not including expansions) cannot be up for a main award. If you would like to bribe me to get your game on the award list, please get all bribes in by May 5th, 2015.

For our Pre show, I have a number of random awards to give out.

Most Disappointing Award — Horizon Zero Dawn

The biggest shocker for me was how little I enjoyed my time in Horizon Zero Dawn. A perfect example of how repetitive the open-world AAA market has gotten, as the developers managed to make hunting machine animals boring.

“I could have been a Contender” Award — Insert Great Switch Game Here

This year saw a number of amazing Switch games released and revealed for 2018. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a switch which means no Super Mario Odyssey, Mario+ Rabbids, or Breath of the Wild.

It’s Still Not Getting an Award, Award — Call of Duty World War 2

Still not buying a Call of Duty game for $60; much less one with loot boxes for added fun.

I’m going to get in Trouble from the Fans Award — Persona 5

Persona 5 joins the long list of games that I just burnt out on trying to finish. I made it to the last palace and lost the urge to keep playing.

Round of Applause Award — The Artists and Composers in the Game Industry

This year has been an amazing one for video game aesthetics. From art with games like Cuphead and Persona 5, to music from games like Persona 5 and Cuphead; everybody has really stepped it up. I can’t even decide on the game that wowed me the most with how amazing it looked.

The “What the Hell Did I Just Play” Award — Getting Over It

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy had to be mentioned somewhere. While it’s certainly not going to get on my best of list, it deserved a mention here for just completely throwing my analytical process out the window.

11th Place Award — The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

It takes a lot for a visual novel game to keep me interested, and The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker’s FMV style mixed with lovecraftian elements was intriguing. Unfortunately, the “whodunit” angle didn’t quite hook me enough like Her Story, but the game certainly deserved a nod here.

With that said it’s time to begin the countdown; starting with another “What the Hell Did I just play” game.