Kickstarter Alert — Harold Halibut

Last month I got a chance to play through The Dream Machine — A stop motion designed adventure game more than seven years in the making. With the game wrapped up, we turn to another developer who is hoping to find similar success with the game Harold Halibut.

Harold Halibut 1

There isn’t much to talk about at the moment, as the Kickstarter is happening at the time of this post. Harold Halibut is being developed by the Slow Bros as their first project together. The dream was to create a stop motion adventure game.

Story-wise, you play as Harold is on board a colony ship from Earth that has crashed onto a water only planet. It’s your job to explore the ship, deal with the unique inhabitants and try to get the ship back in space.

From looking at the kickstarter, a lot of the technology and foundation is finished or close; leaving them with needing funding to finish the design. As a fan of stop motion design, Harold Halibut looks incredible in terms of detail.

The stretch goals look to flesh out the world with additional content. Again, there isn’t a lot to say about the game just yet, but fans of the adventure genre and/or stop motion should definitely take a look.