This week on the cast, Ian Flood and Nick Woskov joined me to talk about the formation of Yacht Club Games, moving from console to PC development and the work that went into their first hit: Shovel Knight.

YachtClubGames 560x200 A Visit from Yacht Club Games

We started off with introductions and talking about how Yacht Club came together. Including how they started at Wayforward and their love of 2D design. I also grilled them on the ever popular topic of “what is old school?” We moved on to talk about the Shovel Knight kickstarter and a host of Game Industry related topics.

It was interesting to talk to developers who started on console/handheld development, then moved to the PC and the changes there. Lastly we talked a little bit about Shovel Knight and the development of the game, including how the artwork came together for it.

Sadly they had to leave for a meeting and we had to cut things somewhat short as this was one of those casts where we could have talked all day if given the chance.

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“A Visit from Yacht Club Games”

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