AAA Early Access and Game-Wisdom’s Growth

This week was a special cast as I welcomed back Tim Wetzel from A Paladin Without a Crusade to talk about the recent Street Fighter 5 launch problems, and joining us was Game-Wisdom’s first contributor: James Ellerby.


James is going to be assisting me in terms of getting the word out on Game-Wisdom, posting content to various sites and hopefully soon, writing his own posts and leading podcasts. We started off with catching up and bestowing the contributor title onto James.

The first bit of news we talked about was Harmonix’s move to Fig in order to get Rock Band 4 crowd-funded for the PC. Since the cast, it was revealed that Harmonix has switched co-publishers from Mad Catz. We weren’t too thrilled about the news and spoke about some of the issues with the campaign and trying to get Rock Band onto the PC now. We then moved onto talking about Pokemon and how it’s the 20th anniversary of the mega series. While the series never hooked me, it’s still amazing to see the legacy of it.

For games we’ve played, James kicked things off with talking about Plants vs. Zombies 2 Garden Warfare. The three of us are shocked that Popcap was able to turn what appeared to be a cash grab, into one of their most popular games in recent years. Tim has been enjoying the Talos Principle, which was not only one of my favorite games, but I spoke with Croteam about it on an earlier cast. Tim also spoke briefly about Undertale, but we kept it basic to avoid any spoilers whatsoever. Lastly, I spoke about Grim Dawn and getting into the game for my ongoing video series.

For our final topic, we talked about Street Fighter 5’s launch and the troubles it had and Capcom’s big mistake in not properly managing the expectations and pricing for the fanbase. Street Fighter 5 may have been aimed at the fighting game community and champion players, but Capcom needed to do a better job with pitching it towards the general market and the people who are going to be raising awareness for it in the coming months. Not only that, but we talked about how Street Fighter 5 was still poor in several areas, including netcode and tutorial.

By the time you hear this cast, I should be getting ready for my five day vacation, which means no new posts or videos until I get back on Wednesday March 23rd. Because of me leaving, I didn’t have the time to do a full 100% sweep of the audio, and there may be a few mistakes left in. We also had some connection issues with Skype; causing James to go in and out at some points.

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