An Irrational Chat About Free To Play

This week, Ken and I were joined by returning guest Charles Amis from Artizens to talk about Irrational Games closing, F2P design and more.


After introductions, we talked about what the closing of Irrational Games means to us as well our thoughts on Ken Levine sticking around with 2K.  Charles brought up excitement about Dark Souls 2 which is coming soon. As for games we’ve played, I talked about Bravely Default while Ken brought up Deponia.

And for the final topic, we discussed Free To Play and whether a re-branding is in order as suggested by Peter Molyneux. One last thing, my headset broke that day and I had to tape it up quickly to use on the cast. However the mic was not staying in position and I came off sounding far away for this cast.

  • Here is my piece on F2P that I wrote earlier in the week
  • And here is the Artizens site where you can check out Charles’ upcoming game