(Bionic) Dues and Don’ts With Skyward Collapse

This week, we welcomed back to the cast Chris Park from Arcen Games to catch up about how everything is going at Arcen. For the first half we talked about some topics in the industry: Steam cards, kickstarter and so on. We then moved to Skyward Collapse which recently had its 2.0 version and first expansion released.


We talked a bit more about the design and the challenges of coming up with new content and balance for the game. Lastly, we talked about Arcen’s next project: Bionic Dues which is set to come out in October. From Chris’s description, the game sounds interesting as a rogue-lite as the player must prepare for a robot invasion.

I forgot to mention this on the cast to Chris but his description of having the final event being an epic battle to decide if the player wins reminded a little of Sid Meier’s Colonization.