This week on the cast, James and I welcomed Hugh Monahan from Stellar Jockeys about the work that went into Brigador, and what happens when things don’t work out as planned.

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We started with talking about how the original concept of Brigador was developed. Hugh talked about how the lore of the game came together and was then translated into a book. For our main topic, we focused on the problems Hugh has had with selling the game to reviewers and consumers. This was a tough topic to talk about, as we don’t hear too much about when a game doesn’t do well.

I personally think we need have more of these conversations in the industry. All the more so for younger fans and students interested in rushing into the Indie Market.

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“The Challenge of Building Brigador”


    brigador is not that different from sega and dos mech stuff
    it’s like people just forgot all the games in different genres because every game is a generic xbawks action game now

    brigador was great mechanically but my complaints about campaign is in the different field, it has too much text (and games are not books nor movies) and structured as a separate missions without strict order + 3stars (4 stars in this case) mobile ratings
    me personally would really like if it had money + customization progressions inside the campaign and not a free play. like you start with cheap mech and need to buy more guns and new vehicles before next mission specifically to the task of the mission

    • ECM

      They can’t forget what they never knew…

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