The Challenges of running a Game Studio: Serenity Forge

This week on the cast, James and I were joined by fan of the site and owner/lead designer of Serenity Forge Z to talk about his studio and the first of several casts exploring the difference of being a game designer and running your own studio.


We started off with news of the week, and the piece I brought up was about the recent announcement of a 24/7 E-Sports channel. I asked both James and Z’s opinion of this which led into talking about the rise of let’s plays, twitch and more.

After that, we talked about the announcement of the PS 4.5 and what it means for game development and the future of the game market.

For our big topic, we turned to Z and talked about his thoughts on being both a game developer and owner of his studio. Having your own studio is different than just making a game, and we talked about some of the decisions he has to make and things he had to learn after starting his own studio. Z talked about how he feels that he has embraced both being an artist and a business man in terms of how he approaches design and running his company; a very important point for any developers in the Indie space listening. This is a topic that we’re going to return to hopefully with more studio owners in the future.

As a surprise for me, we ended the cast with some nice words about the site and the work that I’ve been doing.

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