Shining a light on the Darkest Dungeon Part 2

After months of hard work on The Darkest Dungeon, I had a chance to sit down again with Red Hook Games to continue our talk about the game.

 The Darkest Dungeon

This time I was joined by returning guest Chris Bourassa and executive producer/game designer Tyler Sigman. I started with talking to Tyler about his thoughts on the creation of The Darkest Dungeon and the kickstarter as previously we discussed with Chris how the studio was formed with the sole intent of creating the game.

Then we briefly talked about what they’ve been up to and how things are definitely busy over at Red Hook with getting the game ready for early access. After that we continued our topic from last time talking about the game design including class design, game flow, enemy design, progression and more.

With the guys so busy we had to keep things quick so the cast was short. But considering the depth of the game, this is another one of those times where we could have talked for hours on end which I’m sure their families wouldn’t appreciate.