Digital Eel Discussion

This week I was joined by Digital Eel’s Rich Carlson and Iikka Keranen to discuss Digital Eel’s growth over the years, their thoughts on the state of the Game Industry and of course their latest title Infinite space 3: Sea of Stars.

Digital Eel

We started off talking about how Digital Eel started in the early days of the market. Including Rich and Iikka’s thoughts on how board game and video game design are related. We moved onto discussing the rogue-like genre and our difference experiences at it.

Not only that but we talked about some of the changing times in the Game Industry: Early Access, DLC, Kickstarter and more. Finally we came to discussing Infinite Space 3: What is the game about, changes in this version and more.

While talking to Rich and Iikka was great, there was one problem with the cast and that is I no longer hold the award for having the worse microphone to record with. Both Rich and Iikka were together using a mic which I think was from 1998 and the audio distortion was immense.

The version that you’re hearing is like a symphony compared to the raw audio. And even then, both Rich and Iikka’s voices were still distorted pretty badly which I couldn’t do any more about.