Glass Bottom Games and Feline Fedoras

This week on the Perceptive Podcast, returning guest and founder of Glass Bottom Games Megan Fox joined me to talk about her thoughts on the game market, Metroidvania design and their recently released game — Hot Tin Roof: The cat that Wore a Fedora.

Glass Bottom Games

We started with what led to her forming Glass Bottom Games. As a developer who made the jump from a major studio to Indie, we got on the topic of some of the differences between the two markets and why its hard for Indie studios to directly compete with the AAA market.

That led into a very interesting talk about game devaluation and Megan’s thoughts on it and how she feels that it’s not as big of a problem that people are making it out to be much in the same way as game piracy was used as the great evil of the market.

After that we talked about Kickstarter and how Megan’s first kickstarter project unfortunately didn’t meet its goal and the lessons of what not to do that someone can learn from it. And that led into a brief discussion on early access and what developers need to do in order to profit from it.

Finally we talked about Megan’s game Hot Tin Roof and how she wanted to make a really good metroidvania styled game. This also led into a great discussion on what is and what isn’t metroidvania design and we discussed my thoughts on it from a previous post and how she feels that it can be used both as a genre and as a set of mechanics depending on what the game developer has in mind.