The Game-Wisdom Developer Round Table Episode One

This week was a special podcast as it was Game-Wisdom’s first ever developer round table. Joining me as panelists were Anthony Conta, Megan Fox, Zach Barth and Charles Amis for a very interesting discussion on various topics of game development.


The format for this cast was different as I asked each panelist to bring a topic that they would like to discuss with the group and we separated the cast into different sections because of it.

First at 4:26 was Anthony’s topic of Breaking In. We discussed some of the challenges that go into entering the Game Industry along with pitfalls to watch out for when starting your career.We brought up the importance of learning hard skills such as programming or art as a way to take your idea out of your head and put it in front of someone.

  • For links, here are some useful sites for artists and programmers. First for artists looking for a place to learn and show off their work, the Polycount Forum. And for Programmers who would like to learn Unity, the Unity Tutorial modules.

Next up, Charles talked about the challenges and things to watch out for when starting your own game company at 44:10. We talked about the issues when it comes to payment, setting up your type of company and some basic legal questions that you should be thinking of. We also talked about what it means to be the face of your company and some examples of what not to do when putting yourself out there in front of your audience.

  • For more information and seeking legal advice when it comes to the Game Industry, you can check out Leiflaw that specializes in electronic entertainment and video game companies

At 1:23:11 we moved onto our third topic from Megan and that was “Killing Your Darlings” or what do you do when you need to decide on keeping or cutting content from your game.

Since this was our first round table, we did have to iron out some kinks in the format and we ran out of time for Zach’s section. However, we will be planning a separate podcast on that topic next month and I will be changing the format around for the next round table which is currently set to happen sometime in the end of February.

As I said on the cast, if you are a game developer who would like to appear on a future round table discussion, please send me an email and I can add you to the list of potential panelists. My email again is and you can find that on the contact page as well.

And last but not least, some links if you would like to know more about each panelists.