Game-Wisdom’s Best of 2014 #5 — Blackwell Epiphany

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

Blackwell Epiphany

#5 takes us back to the adventure genre with the end of the Blackwell series. Despite its retro look and feel, smart writing and design are hallmarks of the series.

#5 Blackwell Epiphany

Blackwell Epiphany is the fifth game in the Blackwell series from Wadjet Eye Games where spirit medium Roseangela and ghost Joey have to solve mysteries and help the dead pass on to the next world.

The series has kept with a retro look that still is catching thanks to high quality art. One of the high points would have to be the voice acting by Rebecca Whittaker and Abe Goldfarb who voiced the title characters. The design of the Blackwell series feels like a modern take on old school adventure design with puzzles and various items to find to help you solve the case.

Over the course of the series, writer/game designer Dave Gilbert managed to tell stories that were both personal to the characters while hinting at the larger mysteries of the setting. With #5, the game closes the book on the characters while providing one final mystery to solve.

For me, the Blackwell series is one of the few adventure games that I really enjoyed not just for the puzzles but for the story itself and it’s rare to be able to play through a series with a definitive end to it. I wish I could talk more about the great moments in the series but that would take things into spoiler territory.┬áIf you enjoy adventure games for their puzzles as much as their story, definitely check out the Blackwell series and whatever comes next from Wadjet Eye Games.

Up next, #4 is another Indie game that went for a unique take on the rogue-like genre.

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