Perceptive Podcast: Kitfox Games

This week on the podcast I sat down with owner and lead designer behind Kitfox Games Tanya Short to discuss her studio and the work that is going into their kickstarted title: Moon Hunters.

Kitfox Games

We started off talking about Tanya’s background and how she started out at Funcom working on Age of Conan and The Secret World before starting Kitfox Games. We also spoke about some of the hurdles of starting a new studio including greenlight and press awareness. We then moved into talking about Shattered Planet and creating a lighthearted rogue-like along with Kitfox’s art aesthetic style. This lead into a general talk about rogue-like and procedurally generated design with other games like Spelunky and FTL.

Finally we moved on to talking about Moon Hunters including the game design and the work that went on with their kickstarter. The game sounds very interesting at trying to combine pixel art aesthetics with an ARPG design. And we talked about how her team came up with the main content of the game vs what was going to be saved for stretch goals which was a great topic for any developers listening who are thinking about kickstarter.