This week, I spoke with Sandy Petersen to talk about the work that went into taking Orcs Must Die from the computer to the tabletop.

Game Wisdom Podcast Promo 560x200 Game to Tabletop    The Transformation of Orcs Must Die

After a brief talk about his time at Ensemble Studios, we talked about the development of Orcs Must Die. Sandy discussed how the board game idea came about. and what it meant working with Robot Entertainment. We talked about how tabletop games differ from traditional video games, and what that means for the design.

There are some elements that only work on tabletop and not in video form and vice-versa. We started to talk about his plans for a second kickstarter for Orcs Must Die. The Kickstarter was delayed after this recording, and why I held onto this podcast.

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“Game to Tabletop — The Transformation of Orcs Must Die”

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