TableTop Design with Sandy Petersen

This week on the cast, James and I had the chance to talk to Game Designer and Tabletop developer Sandy Petersen about his work, tabletop design and more.

Sandy Petersen

We started off with introductions and discussing Sandy’s background in the Game Industry. I had no idea that he worked at Ensemble Studios during their heyday and at ID Software during the creation of Doom.

From there, we spoke about his decision to move to tabletop design and use Kickstarter to help fund his games. Our conversation turned to tabletop design and how it differs from traditional game design. That led us to talking about how crowdfunding has become a major option for tabletop games; including his game — Cthulhu¬†Wars. I was really interested in how crowdfunding helped to shape the game and the many expansions.

Sadly, we ran out of time to talk about the game at length, but we’re going to try and get Sandy back for future casts and live talks.

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