Perceptive Podcast #2: A Humble Loot Hunt for City Builders

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

This week’s podcast Kenneth and I talk about our recent guest post from Chris Beatrice on city building design, the recent Humble Bundle controversy, Torchlight 2 vs. Diablo 3 and much more. We’ve also learn the lesson of not recording at 1 AM the hard way, so please excuse us for both sounding tired.

As always here are links to some of the topics discussed:

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  • KennyOwesome

    I apologize for the tired voices, we were recording super late and my brain shutdown.

    • Still a great cast nonetheless. Keep up the great work.

      I’m glad Josh brought up the top contributors of the Humble THQ Bundle being part of THQ. I wonder if that was a way to try and inflate the bundle average or if he genuinely wanted to contribute without any ill will. In any case, I hope he split all his donation between charity and the bundle tip.