For this week’s podcast we have our first guest. Robert Edwards who is a fan of the site joins Kenneth and I to discuss everything from the Steam market place, to the Video Game Awards. Make sure to listen really closely for the hidden plugs to Good Old Game’s holiday sale.

As Always here are links to some of the topics discussed:

During the podcast we talked about Avalanche Studios and upon looking them up, they are definitely still around. But they did have a massive layoff and restructuring in 08. Lastly, we had some trouble with the voice quality on Skype which is why it may be hard to hear Robert’s voice. We’re looking into alternatives for future podcasts.

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“Perceptive Podcast #3: Marketplaces and Awards”

  • JawnMan

    You guys should discuss Black Ops II. Mainly how the PC community is responding to it, along with poor PC sales compared to the console version. Also, how it’s never changing yearly formula is causing anger in many gamers.

    You guys did touch on it on the last podcast, but I’d like to hear your opinion on it from maybe a game design perspective. Does it need to change? Were the previous CoD games (when it was PC only) better?

    • KennyOwesome

      I would say the direction of COD really changed when the main owners/designers were fired from Infinity Ward. From then on, it changed from focus on innovation (different time periods, locals), to yearly profits for EA (need to keep investors happy). I really think it is seen as the Madden of FPS games by most gamers now. EA will only change when they have driven that franchise into the ground, remember we as consumers are what drives demand (and people still buy COD in the millions).

      Also EA doesn’t benefit from a PC friendly CoD, as they make more money on consoles and want full control over their game content. If people made mods, and fixes for the game, etc– that would cut into their DLC profits.

      • as a fan of the original cod game on pc(yes im old) i must stress that Activision (not EA) killed the franchise after cod4: modern warfare and cod5: world at war.. it happened way before the IW bosses were fired. currently for 2 seasons ive been cured of the cod syndrome.. and generally the numbers are showing that people like me come clear of this overrated series … its just a cow to acti and been for 4 years at least. milking it as far as it lives.. while not feeding it with proper new technology.. the current engine is 7 years old.. looks so bad, yet devs for black ops 2 stated they “love it”

        EA has their battlefield/medal of honor.. about to make it their own call of duty, medal of honor preorders were shipped with beta access to bf4

        in reply to jawnman.. cod was never a pc game, only with cod3 (which was console exclusive) it became a series entirely focused on the console market

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