book 01 Perceptive Podcast: Pirates, Braggats and Heroes

This week on the Game-Wisdom podcast, Ken, Evan and I talked about Richard Garriott’s post on game designers, the future of EA among other topics. And we also talked more in detail about crafting realistic characters and worlds from my post on world building. Make sure to pay attention as during the cast I revealed two deep dark secrets that may shock you.

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“Perceptive Podcast: Pirates, Braggats and Heroes”

  • Evan Hitchings

    I feel this was out best one yet (of the 4 I’ve been on). Here’s a link to the book I mentioned.

  • warthurton

    I very much enjoy the podcast, but at times the audio suffers from using the webcam to record audio. I would love to donate a mic to you so that people (or just me?) can not be distracted by the recording.

    Reading this I sound like a dick, but I really just want to help out however I can.

    • Don’t worry about it. This week my new headset came in the mail and everything appears to be working again.

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