Skyshine’s Bedlam and Overcoming a Poor Launch

This week on the cast, I sat down with Jeff Johnson of Skyshine Games and Skyshine’s Bedlam to have a fascinating chat about what do you do when your game fails out of the gate and how to fix it.

Skyshines Bedlam GMG

We started off with talking about Jeff’s background before getting to the heart of the matter: Skyshine’s Bedlam and what happened following the release. Jeff talked about the surprise he and his team felt after the reviews came in and how he basically took it upon himself to listen to fan criticism in an attempt to fix the game.

Over the cast we talked about both the challenges that Skyshine’s Bedlam had with its design and how Jeff approach essentially rebuilding the game with the Redux update. It was amazing to talk to Jeff about Skyshine’s Bedlam’s original concept, how it changed, and then how it’s changing now to be a completely different game.

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