The Steam Summer Sale Hangover Cast

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

This week Ken and I were joined by returning guest Jamie Madigan to discuss our thoughts following the summer sale extravaganza from two weeks ago.


We started off with an update from Jamie about the work on his upcoming book examining game design with psychology. After that we talked about some news with Ken explaining some of the happening with VR and Jamie talking about Cliffy B’s return to the game industry.

After that we had a quick talk about some of the games we’ve been playing such as Jamie with Watchdogs, Ken going back to Skyrim and the joy and annoyance I had with Dungeon of the Endless and Godus. We also got on a tangent about Nintendo and the console wars somehow around this part.

Our big topic was on the Steam sales as we each talked about what we bought, our regrets and more. We also examined the psychological effect these sales and early access are having on gamers and on game design. I was also hoping that Jamie could use his psychology background to maybe cure Ken of his Steam trading card addiction but alas it didn’t work.

At some points during the cast, you’ll be hearing some very loud typing from Jamie I believe which I wasn’t able to get rid of.