Still not afraid of no ghosts.

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

Finally some good news, not about a job or anything like that, but the Ghostbusters video game is officially being developed again and will be released this June. A new trailer is making its way across the various game sites and I had a grin on my face for the entire trailer.

Now as a hard core gamer I’ve been preconditioned to look at any movie based game as a buggy horrible time. So I would like to say the following to the developers, please don’t screw this up. Like most gamers I have fond childhood memories of the Ghostbusters and I don’t feel like having them destroyed by a bad game tie-in. To add to the movie based goodness, information regarding the Chronicles of Riddick 360 update has surfaced. Information meaning that it’s still being developed and not cancelled.

In other news, I had a great time at the Philly IGDA meeting last night and can’t wait for the next game jam.