1 Paid and 2 Free Ways to Boost a Gaming YouTube Channel

YouTube is full of opportunities for creators of any niche, especially for those who have devoted most of their lives to video games. Everything is here : from mini reviews for a new Fortnite update, to full-length playthroughs of games like The Last Of Us. It is noteworthy that any of these videos can become popular and attract the attention of thousands of users from all over the world.

In a word, it doesn’t matter what kind of game content you plan to publish, the main thing is that it should be of high quality, interesting and discoverable.The last of the list is the most difficult – to make the video visible to the target audience, you’ll have to make some effort, spend your time and some part of the marketing budget.

Is the game worth the candle? Absolutely – YT is the platform that can make you famous overnight and bring extra money through monetization. If you’re eager to shoot gaming videos and get paid, it’s time to do it! In this article, we’ll tell you some promo secrets that will help you attract an audience and grow on the platform.

Paid Packages


From time to time, any creator needs additional support – generally speaking, this is not a secret at all. Experienced video bloggers admit that they add incentives to their promotional strategy for a faster and more effective start. So it is, help may be needed at any stage of promotion, but it is especially necessary at the very beginning. 

When your channel is new and fresh, it looks pretty empty and unpresentable. That is, you don’t have an audience that you can demonstrate, respectively, there are no likes, comments and views. Is it bad? Yes, because such accounts don’t stand out and are simply lost among millions of others, and the creators’ videos are at the very bottom of the search result.

Fortunately, today influencers can simplify the promo process with one click by receiving a paid package from a trusted company. They contain subscribers, views and comments – everything you need to get started. There are weekly and monthly packages, you can find more information here : https://soclikes.com/buy-youtube-packages . The prices are affordable and won’t hit your pocket, but it will be a good support for your channel at the initial stage. In the future, you can purchase other additional incentives, or try to promote the page on your own.

Live Streams


Adding live content is like a breath of fresh air for a gamer. The two best streaming platforms are Twitch and YouTube, but the advantage of YT is that you immediately get an audience for your regular videos. That is, if a viewer visits your stream, and he likes it, most likely he’ll want to visit your account and subscribe, so don’t miss this opportunity.

You can even play together with your viewers, this is a great chance to establish a closer relationship with the public and become something more than just a YouTuber for them. Stream Valorant, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, etc. and invite your viewers, they love to play with streamers!

Killer titles


The better and more attractive your title, the more often users will click on it. Make sure you include keywords and the name of the game, then your target audience will find the content and watch it. Don’t resort to clickbait, otherwise you risk ruining your reputation. We wish you success!