Simulation Games: 11 Choices That Improve Real Life Skills

Gaming has long been recognised as helpful in improving real-life skills such as analytical thinking, teamwork, leadership and decision making. It can feel almost too good to be true that our favourite pastime can actually have real-life benefits, but the current scientific belief is that games can benefit our minds and skills when used in moderation.  

Simulation games are a classic in the gaming world, giving players a simulated experience of activities from flying a plane to managing a farm. While these skills undoubtedly require real-life, hands-on experience to gain true proficiency, simulation games can be a great way to test your knowledge and understanding of these practices and even gain some insight into best practices and methodology. 

Flight Simulators 

Flight simulators are classic simulator games that gamers have enjoyed for decades. Where in previous years the simulators were somewhat clunky with basic graphics, simulators now offer an experience as close to the real thing as possible – all while enjoying from the comfort of your bedroom. Flight simulators are so effective that many commercial airlines use them to help their pilots practice and prepare for unexpected situations and emergency procedures.  

Racing Games 

Racing games can be a great way to understand how cars react to different stressors and input from their users in a completely safe environment. They are also another simulator that has seen massive popularity throughout the years, with countless iterations available depending on the type of racing a gamer wants to experience. Making the experience as realistic as possible is one of the key targets of racing game developers, and these games are improving every day.  

Farming Simulators 

Farming simulators come in all shapes and sizes, from cartoonish options like Farm Frenzy to hyperrealistic options like Farming Simulator. These games give players the opportunity to learn what it takes to make a farm successful, how their crops and livestock can earn them money and how to manage a huge operation. They can be an excellent option for anyone considering venturing into keeping their own animals or growing crops to sell.  

Architecture Games 

If you’ve always dreamed of creating your own buildings from scratch, architecture games can be the ideal taster for you. There are options that allow you to build your own city using pre-programmed structures, letting you understand the best ways to lay out an area for maximum enjoyment by its citizens. You can also try your hand at the drawing and design phase of architecture, choosing your own materials and design to create beautiful virtual buildings.  

Casino Games 

Casino games have been a fan favorite for decades, and the rise of online casinos has only seen their popularity increase. Casino games can help players improve their mathematical skills, improve decision making and learn to strategize. If you want to experience the full benefits of casino games, you can play live using quality online casinos like Play Live.  

Fashion Games 

Knowing how to craft outfits, layer clothes, and match accessories to ensembles can be a real challenge, even with a lifetime of practice. Fashion simulator games give players the chance to look at different outfits, mixing and matching different pieces with ease and getting a better idea of their own personal style. It takes a lot of effort and hassle out of getting ready, enabling you to envision what an outfit will look like without putting on and taking off different pieces.  

Cooking Simulators 

For aspiring cooks, it can be challenging to find the time and money to invest in ingredients to practice popular recipes. A great way to improve your understanding and mental repertoire of recipes can be through a cooking simulator. These allow you to learn many recipes without the fuss, expense and clean-up required for actually getting in the kitchen and cooking them.  

Business Simulators 

Business games have existed for decades, with Monopoly being one of the most popular old-school style business simulators out there. You can learn a lot from business games, including how to manage multiple assets, how to grow a venture, and how to appeal to customers. Not all business lessons translate easily to a simulator, but they can be an excellent first step for anyone considering opening their own business.  

Combat Experience 

First-person shooters and military-style games have been wildly popular over the years. Many militaries across the globe use them as a way to help their soldiers practice combat maneuvers and other crucial skills, as well as wargaming operations for higher-ups in the military. While games are not able to simulate the same kind of high-pressure environment faced by many soldiers, they can help improve quick decision-making skills and analytical thinking in combat environments.  

Sports Games 

While learning to play a sport through simulators alone may be impossible, games can still be an excellent way to learn the rules, strategies, and tactics needed to succeed in a sport. There are sports simulators for almost every sport imaginable, from wildly popular favorites like football to niche options like dressage. When combined with real-life practice, sports simulators can help you internalize the rules and structure of a sport.  

Mechanical Games 

Fixing a car or computer can be a lot like a puzzle at times, making them ideal for simulation. There are simulators for building your own PC, fixing a car or repairing an electrical socket. Games like these give you an understanding of the basic structure of mechanical or technical items like computers and cars and can be an ideal first step towards learning to do such repairs with your own hands.  

Final Thoughts 

Simulators have long been used by casual players and professionals alike as a way to gain a deeper understanding of a concept, sport or profession. While you may not be able to learn all there is to know about a particular skill or job through simulators alone, they can be invaluable tools to help improve understanding and increase technical knowledge in a low-risk environment. If you hope to enter into a new profession or venture, testing out the experience with a simulator can be a perfect first step.