Sunken Temple and Bosses Guide Phase 3 WoW SoD

As the fans of WoW Classic know there is the new Sunken Temple Raid as Phase 3 unfolds in World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery. To pass this raid must be that each encounter is wrapped in mystery and danger, so adventurers must use their skills and trickery to overcome the challenges that await them. 

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Let’s get into the details of each battle and tell you the best tactics and moments over defeating each Sunken Temple boss:


  • Preparation: Before engaging Atal’alarion, ensure the area surrounding the boss is cleared. Activate the four altars positioned around the room, as these are crucial for weakening the guardian’s formidable strength.
  • Positioning: During the encounter, strategic positioning is key. Stand ready to utilize spawning pillars strategically placed around the room. These pillars serve as vital conduits for disrupting Atal’alarion’s power.
  • Exploiting Weaknesses: Take advantage of the blows that occur during the battle to collide with the pillars that appear. Destroying these pillars is necessary to reduce the guardian’s suppressive power.
  • Coordination: Coordination among the members of the raid is paramount. Failure to disable Atal’alarion’s power sources can make the battle a losing battle. Communicate effectively and stay alert throughout the battle.

Festering Rotslime

  • Constant Movement: Throughout the battle with the Festering Rotslime, maintain constant movement to evade the lethal slime pools hurled by the boss.
  • Target Priority: Rapidly target and destroy the arcane artifacts scattered throughout the chamber. These artifacts empower Rotslim and increase his evil presence.
  • Agility and Decision-Making: Agility and quick decision-making are essential. Adapt to the relentless onslaught of the Rotslime, adjusting your movements and actions accordingly.
  • Focus and Adaptability: Maintain focus and adaptability. Success against this putrid foe requires unwavering concentration and the ability to react swiftly to changing circumstances.

Atal’ai Defenders

  • Understanding Mechanics: Complete a series of challenges against the defenders of Atal’ai.
  • Each mini-boss has unique mechanics that require careful attention and strategic planning.
  • Crowd Control and Interrupt: Use crowd control and interrupt tactics effectively against each defender. Interrupt the attacks of vicious Zol’ore and mystical Mijan totems to gain the upper hand.
  • Tank Coordination: Coordinate tank strategies to overcome Gusher’s frenetic attacks and Loro’s threat reset. Make sure your tanks are ready to handle the unique challenges presented by each defender.
  • Teamwork and Accuracy: teamwork and accuracy are essential to success against the Atal’ai Defenders. Together with your raid members, defeat each defender and unravel the ancient secrets they guard.

Dreamscythe and Weaver

  1. Beware of Wing Buffet: Beware Dreamscythe’s Wing Buffet, a powerful knockback capable of hurling adventurers into the abyss below. Maintain awareness of your positioning to avoid being caught off guard by this devastating attack.
  2. Optimal Positioning: Maintain optimal positioning throughout the encounter to mitigate damage and avoid environmental hazards. Stay vigilant and adapt your positioning as needed to navigate the challenges posed by the twin terrors.
  3. Coordinated DPS: Coordinate DPS efforts with your team to effectively manage the twins’ shared health pool. Focus your attacks on a single target until their combined strength is vanquished, ensuring efficient use of your raid’s resources.

Jammal’an the Prophet and Ogom the Wretched

  1. Engage Ogom First: Prioritize engaging Ogom first, disrupting his foul rituals and neutralizing his summoning abilities. Preventing Ogom from bolstering his forces will give your raid a strategic advantage.
  2. Beware of Jammal’an’s Abilities: Remain vigilant against Jammal’an’s potent abilities, including Shadow Surge and Psychic Scream. These devastating attacks can inflict significant harm and disrupt raid cohesion if left unchecked.
  3. Coordination is Key: Coordinate dispels and interrupts effectively to minimize damage and maintain control over the encounter. Work closely with your team to anticipate and respond to the threats posed by Jammal’an and Ogom.

Morphaz and Hazzas

  1. Navigating Tail Swipes: Navigate Hazzas’s deadly tail swipes by positioning melee DPS to the sides, avoiding the brunt of his attacks. Maintaining proper positioning is crucial to surviving the encounter.
  2. Managing Dreamers’ Lament: Prioritize cleansing and healing players afflicted by Dreamers’ Lament, a debilitating debuff inflicted by Morphaz. Swift and efficient management of debuffs is essential to sustaining your raid’s health.
  3. Coordinated DPS Efforts: Coordinate DPS efforts to swiftly dispatch additional threats summoned by Hazzas. Preventing these threats from overwhelming the raid requires vigilance and coordination among your team members.

Shade of Eranikus: Tormented Guardian of the Dream

  1. Battlefield Awareness: Be careful versus the current boss, avoiding the deadly clouds spawned by Eranikus’s Deep Slumber ability. These clouds pose a significant threat, requiring constant vigilance to evade.
  2. Coordination is Key: Coordinate interrupts and dispels effectively to counteract the shade’s debilitating effects. Interrupting Eranikus’s abilities and dispelling harmful debuffs will be crucial to maintaining control of the encounter.
  3. Priority Targets: Prioritize the destruction of summoned whelps to prevent them from overwhelming the raid. Maintaining focus on the shade while dealing with additional threats is essential to success in this encounter.

Avatar of Hakkar: Herald of Blood

  1. Clearing the Way: Prior to engaging the Avatar, dispatch surrounding ads to clear the way for the confrontation. Removing these additional threats will allow your raid to focus its efforts on the Avatar without distraction.
  2. Beware of Acid Rain: Beware of the Hakari Blood Keeper’s Acid Rain projectile, which poses a significant threat to raid members. Careful positioning and movement will be necessary to avoid its deadly impact.
  3. Coordination of Cleanses: Coordinate dispels to cleanse cursed raid members, mitigating the Avatar’s relentless assault. Timely dispels will be crucial to ensuring your raid remains at full strength throughout the encounter.
  4. Maintain Vigilance:Remain constantly alert throughout the battle, adapting strategies to counter Drain Blood and other destructive abilities. Flexibility and quick thinking will be the key to defeating Avatar Hakkar.
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What is Phase 3 of the Sunken Temple Raid in Season of Discovery?

Phase 3 of the Sunken Temple Raid unfolds in World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery, introducing adventurers to a series of challenging encounters within the depths of the temple. As the culmination of this raiding experience, Phase 3 presents formidable bosses and complex mechanics that require strategic coordination and skillful execution to overcome.

What are some key strategies for defeating the bosses in Sunken Temple Phase 3?

Each boss in Sunken Temple Phase 3 presents unique challenges and requires specific tactics for success. For example, during the Atal’alarion encounter, it’s crucial to activate altars to weaken the boss and coordinate pillar destruction to reduce its strength further. Similarly, in battles against Festering Rotslime and Atal’ai Defenders, constant movement, target priority, and effective crowd control are essential strategies.