Fish Table Games Guide: How to Play like a Pro

It’s no secret that most casino games are based on luck. Slots, roulette, baccarat, craps — you name them. However, fish table games are completely different. Yes, that’s right: they’re skill-based. 

Whether you play inside a Las Vegas hotel or an online sweepstakes casino, fish table games are a rare type of casino game where genuine skill is involved. As the player, you take control of a canon, aim, shoot, and try to catch as many fish as possible. The more fish you kill, the better. 

This is why the guide you’re reading exists: to help you win, win, and win some more. By following the tips below, you can learn how to play fish table games like a pro and ultimately “beat the fish”. Let’s get started. 

Where to Play Fish Table Games Online 

Firstly, you need to know where to play fish table games online. Because this genre has become extremely popular over recent years, there are now many different sweepstakes casinos that offer them, which you can view at All you need to do is create an account with your chosen sweepstakes casino, get some GOLD COINS or SWEEPS COINS, choose your fish table game, and start playing. 

How Do Fish Table Games Work? 

If you’ve never played a fish shooting game inside a casino before, here’s how they work: 

➡️ Deposit some coins (e.g. 5 SWEEPS COINS) 

➡️ Choose your weapon and start firing shots at the fish swimming across the screen  

➡️ The value of any fish you kill will be rewarded back to your account 

For instance, in Fish Catch, the MERMAID and PURPLE SHARK are the most valuable fish. Sure, they’re quite hard to capture — but if your aim is good, there’s the opportunity to walk away with a big bag of coins if you can get them. 

Tips to Play Fish Table Games Like a Pro 

Fish table games are unique because they require you to be skilful, which isn’t the case with most other online casino games. Naturally, whenever there’s an element of skill involved, this means that you (the player) can develop your skills and ultimately get better at the game. And the better you get, the more coins you can get your hands on. It’s a no-brainer. 


  • 🎯 Aim for the Head


In most fish table games, aiming for the head of the fish is a great strategy. Why? Because it kills them faster. To get good at this, it’s recommended you play the “demo” version of your chosen fish shooting game first so that you can practice shooting at the heads of the fish. Once you feel ready, you can exit the demo mode and start playing with real coins. 


  • 💥 Have Enough Bullets 


Always make sure you have enough bullets. The number of bullets you get depends on how many coins you deposit. For instance, if you only deposit a small number of coins, you’ll probably find that you run out of bullets pretty fast. This is why it’s generally a good idea to have a sizable budget when playing fish shooting games, as this will allow you to play for longer. 

⭐ Most pro players will deposit at least 10 SWEEPS COINS in sweepstakes casinos when playing fish table games 


  • 🐟 Target Smaller Fish in Big Groups


Sometimes, players make the mistake of only targeting big fish because of their higher value. However, you’ll find that targeting smaller fish in bigger groups is also an excellent strategy. By capturing lots of smaller fish, you can still reel in an exciting number of coins. 


  • 🪙 Upgrade Your Weapon 


Most fish table games provide you with the option to upgrade your weapon pre-game and in-game. If you decide to upgrade to a bigger (and better) weapon, it will cost you more money per bullet. However, the advantage here is that the bullets are more accurate and effective, meaning you should get more kills. 


  • 🚫 Don’t Spam Shoot 


Finally, don’t spam shoot. Whether you’re playing on mobile or tablet, tapping your finger on the screen and repeatedly firing shots with no real direction will lead to you running out of coins fast. Not to mention, you’ll be relying entirely on luck, which is never a good thing. Instead, take your time, adjust your aim, and only fire when you’re confident of hitting your target fish. 

Final Thoughts

Planning to play an online fish table game for the first time? Use the tips provided above so that you can get more wins and the best possible value out of your coins. Remember, practice is key. It won’t take long for you to become a fish shooting game pro and you can play with the ultimate confidence.