The Art of Roulette

Possibly one of the games that draws the most crowds in a casino is roulette, there just seems to be something about the spin of the wheel waiting for the ball to fall into a slot that draws so many players to it. 

Interestingly, roulette has a history that is steeped in mystery with differing views to how the game was evolved but one widely accepted thought is that roulette evolved from the creation of a French Mathematician named Blaise Pascal in the 17th century whilst trying to create a perpetual motion machine. 

The Difference Between The Single Zero and Double Zero Game

Simply put, the European version of roulette has one zero whilst the American version has two. The difference is in the house edge as the double zero offers the house a better edge with the double zero being widely accepted within the US. 

Playing Roulette Online

Convenient and comfortable in your own home, online roulette is just as popular online as it is at many land-based venues which has led to many new casino platforms coming out every month. Choosing an online site can be a bit daunting when you actually do see how many online sites offering roulette there are, but perhaps choosing a site that has stood the test of time might appeal?  

Fruity King is a well respected online casino that has listened to its players and consistently delivered year after year resulting in the sites continual success – hitting the link here will take you through to the site so you can take some time in making up your own mind whether it’s the one that is going to suit you the best. 

Once you have decided to sign up with a site then remember to choose whether to opt into a welcome bonus or not – then it’s time to hit the roulette tables. 

Some Tips For Playing and Enjoying Online Roulette

There are a few things to consider before actually laying down some of your own, hard-earned cash, remember some games can be played on demo form which in turn will teach you the rules of the game without any pressure to win. When you do want to hit the online casino for real then always bear in mind these few tips:-

  • Pre-determine the size of your bankroll (this is where casino bonus money can come in very useful as long as you do read all the terms and conditions that will be attached to any bonus or promotional offer.) 
  • Make sure you have time set aside for your games – being able to play whenever and wherever you happen to be (as long as you have an internet connection!) ticks all the boxes for many players as today’s games are as good on your mobile devices as they are on your home computer. 
  • Always take into consideration the seriousness of the games – live online roulette games are about as close as you can get to walking into a physical casino and you will be joining a table with other players, so these games are very exciting but also a little more serious than say video roulette games. 
  • Online roulette has many variants of the traditional game, so remember to try out a few to see which one you prefer. 

Roulette shows no signs of decreasing in popularity both online and off in fact, the casino culture would suffer if the sound of the wheel being spun and the ball clattering into a slot was to disappear – roulette is ingrained into casino life – and it might just be the game for you.