Growth Of Online Slot Market

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The 21st Century is an epoch defined, so far, by the insatiable human urge to continue the modern surge of economic and technological expansion as far as possible. One must only take a rather quick look around him to realise the extent of human civilization’s progress; it was only 20 years ago that people were first able to buy commercial mobile phones, for instance, now they are everywhere. 

There are countless industries that have profited from the technological progress of the last two decades, however you would do well to find one that has undergone such incredible growth as the online slot market. These things used to be a bit of a novelty when they first burst onto the scene, but nowadays they are many gamblers’ favourite activity. How is it that this market has grown so much? Let us have a look when you click to find out more now!

The Gambling Act 2005 

One of the most crucial events in the lead up to the online slot explosion was the passing of The Gambling Act in 2005. For years the UK gambling market especially had been bogged down in some rather strict regulations, inhibiting things like advertising. But in 2005 the government decided to do something, passing The Gambling Act in April of the same year. 

Whilst this actually tightened regulations even further, it also gave the online casino industry a lot more freedom too. Adverts could be soon on TV, and online slots were beginning to adopt a much better reputation than what they had before 2005. Developers and casino operators were now obliged to disclose a lot more information about their games than before, and this meant that more and more gamblers were beginning to trust them. 

Technological Progress for Slots Gaming 

The Gambling Act was a crucial development, however there is absolutely no arguing with the fact that technological progress was the thing that really paved the way for the online slots popularity of today. The first examples to hit the market were incredibly simple and way too clunky to be properly enjoyed, these days however the opposite is true. 

Seriously, the graphic and aesthetic progress over the last decade is nothing short of spectacular. Developers like NetEnt and Yggdrasil are now exhibiting titles that don’t look too far off what you can play on a Playstation or Xbox, and due to the competitiveness of the market countless other developers are also following suit. 

Mobile Slots 

Something else associated with technological progress is also the advent proper of genuine mobile casino. This was, of course, impossible twenty years ago, mainly because mobile phones did not have the capacity to be the platform for these type of games. Now though, due to things like HTML5 technology, there are almost as many online slot gamblers playing on their phone than laptop. 

This caused wonders for the online slot market. Just think about it; you can spin the reels on your phone pretty much anywhere you like, so naturally you will end up playing more!