Gunning for a Gunfire Reborn Interview

Interviewing Duoyi Games

Gunfire Reborn was my second favorite game of 2021 and the second major game from its developer Duoyi Games. Over the holiday break, I had a chance to send some questions to them and here is the interview.

1. Can you talk a little about the background of the team, and what led to the creation of Gunfire Reborn?

Gunfire Studio belongs to Duoyi Network in Guangzhou, China. We have some newcomers with high enthusiasm for games, as well as a group of industry veterans who have devoted themselves in games for many years in the dev team of Gunfire Reborn. Our core members have participated in many other types of projects such as ARPG, MOBA, and FPS games. Honestly, Gunfire Reborn is the second product developed by the team. This time, our initial goal was to create a highly re-playable and innovative PVE-to-FPS game.

2. What was the decision to build Gunfire Reborn as a roguelike, and did the team have any experience working in the genre?

Inspired by many previous excellent roguelike games such as Borderlands and Enter the Gungeon, we considered that roguelike would be the most suitable design for Gunfire, so it was eventually adopted. We wish that every player could sense our respect for other games and find something different in Gunfire Reborn at the same time.

3. And continuing from that point. One of the major aspects of Gunfire Reborn is what aspects get randomized on a run; specifically the scrolls and gun drops, how did the team decide how far they wanted to randomize what could happen on a run.

While designing the game, we would like our players to have access to different weapons, scrolls and talents, so that they will be able to experience various builds through adventures. In other words, every time you start an adventure, you’ll have a whole new experience.

4. Now that the game is out, do you have any plans or teasers for fans about what will come next? For now, our priority is to optimize v1.0 and make some adjustments to game content regarding to the final boss. Meanwhile, we will evaluate the possibility of additional DLCs, and we will let you know more when we have more to share.

5. To wrap things up, I want to say congratulations on the success of Gunfire Reborn and with the game hitting 1.0. Do you have anything you would like to say to the fans reading this interview?

“Gunfire Reborn” has received a lot of feedback and suggestions from our supportive community since May 23, 2020. While listening to each player’s advice, we improve the game step by step and also strive to make it satisfying enough for everyone. We sincerely appreciate all devoted players who have supported and trusted us during Early Access. Without your patience and support, v1.0 would not have been possible. To all new players who’ve just joined us, we also wish you a wonderful ride with us! All in all, if you have any questions or complaints regarding to game experience, please feel free to contact us! We would love to hear all your feedback and continue to polish Gunfire Reborn into a better one! Wish you all enjoy!

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