Rising Stars of the Mobile Gaming Platform

For years now mobile gaming has been looked down upon by PC and Console gamers who don’t consider the mobile platform powerful enough to host quality games. While this was somewhat true in the past, smartphones have come a long way, now boasting hardware on par with some powerful PCs. Thanks to these hardware upgrades, mobile is making a name for itself as a place where casual and even professional gamers are investing more and more of their time. That being said, here are the games currently getting some well-deserved attention on mobile.

Online Jackpot Games

Jackpot games have been around for ages, and while it’s true that their online versions got their start on PC, their seamless optimization for mobile has made them some of the most played games on the platform. From the classic table games like Blackjack and Poker to a wide variety of slots, players, for the most part, play these games through an online casino. Sure, there are a few apps here and there, but nothing seems to beat the excellent bonuses, frequent promotions, and high-reward tournaments online casino websites have to offer. 

Interactive Story Games

The spike in people reading recreationally seems to have rubbed off in some parts of the world of gaming too, particularly interactive story games. Why just read an exciting story, when you can immerse yourself in it fully and make choices that affect the outcome? It seems this sentiment is shared by many gamers who appreciate complex storytelling as a key element in video games. Interactive storytelling games like Episodes and Choices are on the rise on mobile like never before, and with the wide range of story genres they offer, this comes as no surprise at all.

Racing Games

From the earliest consoles racing games have been fan-favorites for many thrill-seekers out there, and it seems that throughout the years the love for them hasn’t died down at all. With mobile being the new go-to platform for casual gamers, these games have been receiving a lot of attention and earning a spot amongst the top played mobile games. Thanks to the innovative gameplay and controls, racing games and mobile are practically a match made in heaven, which is probably why massive titles like Need for Speed have been dishing out mobile alternatives for years now.

Complex Puzzle Games

There’s nothing better than taking some time to disconnect from the world with a relaxing puzzle game. The soothing element these games carry coupled with the mind-boggling complexity of some of the puzzles seems contradictory but mysteriously works in perfect balance. It’s not surprising that these games are sending waves on mobile, especially when you realize how many puzzle games both iOS and Android host. If you’re someone who likes to get lost in the intricacies many of these games have to offer, you can check out some popular titles like Monument Valley and The Room.