Top 7 Online Gaming Platforms With the Highest Cashback Rates

All of the online casinos are trying their best to attract new players and keep the old ones. As a rule, creativity is manifested not only in the design of websites but also in various promotions and various rewards programs.


Each casino has a huge variety of different bonuses with certain conditions for receiving. The most popular and common are the following:

  • Welcome or introductory prize;
  • No deposit;
  • On deposit reward;
  • Cashback;
  • Free spins;
  • Special coupons and codes;
  • Prizes.


In essence, bonuses at gaming platforms serve as a kind of gratitude from gaming clubs for the fact that the user has chosen this place for entertainment. Reward in the form of the return of a certain part of lost funds in cashback casinos takes a special place on this list.

The term “cashback” is not an innovation in the gaming industry. Many banks provide such “bonuses” to cardholders when they use these cards to pay for goods and services.

This, in turn, is a good incentive for customers to use these cards more often when paying for goods and services. Refunds in online gaming platforms operate on a similar principle.

Money-back bonuses serve as a return of a certain percentage of the total amount of bets or lost money by the player for a certain period. Later on, the sum is credited to the player’s account, either automatically or after meeting certain conditions for its receipt.


Cashback at Online Gaming Platforms

It is important to understand that cashback is not a way of getting rich, but a method to “insure” your bankroll.

This type of prizes enjoys a certain popularity among fans of online gambling. Still, not all online gaming platforms have such an option.

As can be seen from the definition itself, these bonuses are designed to extend the user’s gameplay. Thus, they are great for those who do not intend to make deposits in casinos too often.

Variety of Cashback in Online Casinos

Most often, online platforms use a type of refunds bonuses based on a total loss. Net Losses Cashback assumes that users receive a refund of a predetermined percentage of their total losses.

Here is a simple example: a player deposited $100 in the casino, which offers a daily Net Losses Cashback of 15%. In total, the player has made bets on $ 500, but by the end of the gaming session, he has $ 70 left in his account. For that day, the player gets a refund in the amount of (100-70)*0,15 = $ 4.5.

Occasionally, one can find websites that use the system of cashback depending on the total size of the player’s deposits or the expected net profit of the institution. In such cases, as a rule, specific formulas for calculating are used.

What Is the Principle of Casinos With Cashback?

As a rule, when calculating a cashback, only deposits for which no additional bonuses were received (for the first deposit, repossessions, etc.) are taken into account. Parameters of cashback bonuses are as follows.

The maximum and minimum percentage of refunds that users can receive is set by the administration of virtual gaming clubs. Usually, their size varies from 5 to 30%.

As a general rule, each gaming platform determines in advance the period of calculation of the refund to players (every day, week, month, etc.)

Also, depending on the casino, the format of crediting rewards may vary. It can be issued either in the form of bonus money, which should be used exclusively for playing or in the form of cash, which, as a rule, the user can use somewhere else.

The administration of online casinos may limit games for which losses are recorded as refunds. From time to time, there are temporary promotions when the money-back is issued for the game at a particular slot machine.

This is done to stimulate users’ interest in certain games (at the expense of lower risks).

The administration also sets the minimum and maximum amount of refunds that can be obtained by each user. Information about the maximum amount of this bonus can be found in the rules and conditions on the official websites of gambling operators.

How to Get Cashback?

Online casinos set certain rules and conditions for receiving/rendering of absolutely all bonuses. We strongly recommend you to read those before you start playing for real money (to prevent misunderstandings). For example, most often, the cashback is not credited for playing blackjack or roulette.

Firstly, you need to choose an online casino, in which such bonuses are provided. Next, find the rules and conditions for obtaining bonuses in this casino and familiarize yourself with them, because all have certain conditions.

For example, several casinos require users to confirm their intention to receive refunds, so the player must make a confirmation of intent to use it, although in most cases, the bonuses are issued automatically.

Top Gaming Platforms With the Highest Cashback

In our article, we want not only tell about the possibilities of cashback but also name the best gaming platforms which provide such bonuses.

Below you can see the best offers of the gaming world.


On the Last Note: Cashback per Gaming Platform

  • All British Casino 10%
  • No Bonus Casino 10%
  • Slots Angel 10%