CES, Steam and Strategy Games

This week Ken and I were joined by a friend of mine Paul Tobia for our first official cast of 2014.


After some introductions, we started off talking about this console generation and the problems facing the big three. Along with a brief discussion about my recent piece on UPlay and the issues Ubisoft has with it.

We then moved on to news this week, I talked about the recent problems that are facing the kickstarter: Unwritten and how unforeseen problems have caused the game to be put on indefinite hold. This lead into a discussion on kickstarter where I talked with Paul about his views on the platform.

After that we had a double dose of CES news from Ken and Paul discussing the recent update on the Oculus Rift and what’s happening with the Steambox. For games we played this week, I talked about my time with the Bravely Default demo. Ken talked about his time getting reacquainted with Bastion and Paul discussed why he can’t wait for the next game in the Wargame series– WarGame Red Dragon.

Our main topic this week was a talk about the strategy genre and where Paul’s preference lies as a long time fan of it. We talked about how things changed, our excitement about Planetary Annihilation and I issued a quick RTS test to Paul.

And as always, our tangent this week talked about Steam trading cards and Paul and I had an impromptu intervention for Ken’s apparent addiction to Steam cards and the marketplace.

  • KennyOwesome

    Correction, “Crystal Cove” is the Oculus Rift Prototype name at CES not the demo.