The Uphill Battle for Inclusiveness in the Game Industry

This week, Ken and I were joined by returning fan of the site James Ellerby to talk about the game industry becoming more inclusive and the growing pains going on with it.

game industry

Before we got to the serious stuff, we talked about news that was going on. Ken talked about the big reveal of the Oculus Rift’s price and what he thought about the news. I then talked about the recent praise behind a DRM software that is stopping major piracy groups. We talked about game piracy and it’s impact on the industry and the mindset of people who do it.

We then talked about games we’ve played, including Life is Strange and Mortal Kombat 10. MK 10 brought up the discussion on the problems with Console to PC ports and how that affected MK 10 and other titles in recent memory.

For our main topic, we talked about the industry becoming more inclusive to women, minorities and LGBT. We talked about the growing pains that have been going on with trying to open the industry up to more women. We discussed the challenges of different religions and minorities, and Ken, James and I shared some of our horror stories on the matter. A great point we brought up about race and sexuality with some TV shows, is that when they’re treated as normal and not a huge deal or the “token character,” the show seems to be stronger for it. While we were talking about serious issues, we did keep the cast PG-13.

We briefly touched on the topic of African-Americans being depicted in video games, but we started to run long and we’re going to try to have a cast focusing on minority depictions in video games at some point in the future.